Empty Nest Part Two

Dana's Doorways - August 27, 2015
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Our twins have flown from the nest and are settling into their small living spaces. Sarah’s dorm room is much smaller than Owen’s, but they both managed to creatively fit everything they need. Well, at least until the seasons change.

Setting up two dorm rooms made me realize just how much unnecessary “stuff” we accumulate. In a dorm room you are forced to fill it with only necessities. Why can’t I do that at home? With everything compactly stored in plastic bins or “zip lock” storage bags, clothes organized and hung neatly in the same direction by color, snacks in one basket, how simple life would be!
Setting up dorm at college

Finished product of my kids dormroomI bought The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing weeks ago. My Aunt Sandy said it has changed her life—fingers crossed—but I guess I have to read it rather than getting it through osmosis on my bedside table if I expect any changes. The truth be known, I have an addiction to buying self-help books.

So, I survived the drop offs! I’m not really sure what our new “normal” is going to look like, but one thing is for sure……it takes a village! I am overwhelmed by all the messages of support you have sent me, especially because I never thought anyone would read my blog! And to all you doubters—–I write these blogs myself! (I so want to use the “laugh so hard I’m crying” emoji here)

(PS: Wake Forest and Vanderbilt’s school colors are both Black and Gold and the Demon Deacon & Commodore look freakishly similar)

Vanderbilt MascotWake Forrest Mascot