Empty Nester

Dana's Doorways - August 19, 2015
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Buddy helping my daughter pack for college

Please don’t say to me “being an empty nester is wonderful”, “life is great when your kids are grown and gone” or “this is what we have prepared them for all their lives”. It is such an emotional transition to send one away, but this last “send off” happens to be twins and they move in at the same time at different schools.

Apparently boys only need a suitcase with toiletries and a change or two of clothes, whereas girls these days need a headboard that attaches to cinder block, matching bedding, matching towels and hand painted bulletin boards. Sarah’s to-do list is all neatly checked off whereas Owen’s, well let’s just say, I will be shopping for supplies when I get to Nashville.

Daughters one and two left home in their own ways carrying different challenges. Surely the same will be true for Sarah and Owen. I am sending them off with full jars of Hershey’s kisses. Each time they need encouragement I hope they will take “a kiss from Mom”, knowing they always have my love and support. The twins are taking everything they have learned academically and morally and my wish is they will always remember to “make good choices.”

Buddy helping my daughter pack for college

Buddy helps Sarah pack

The Twins packing up the car to leave for college

Buddy photo bombs the twins goodbye