Just 2 Dalmations

Dana's Doorways - October 19, 2015
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I hope my former groomer is reading this blog because her retirement has been a real hassle for me! For years, my babies, Lucy and Buddy had regularly scheduled appointments for their “spa days” with Ms. Jonnie. They are both Havaneses (the national dog of Cuba and a cousin to the Bichon) and if not brushed frequently they become very matted and tangled. Jonnie, knowing me all too well, said early on that that we should keep Lucy’s hair on the shorter side. About 12 years ago after a month of rain, Lucy got really matted, so shearing was the only option. When Owen saw her he screamed: “I didn’t know she was a Dalmatian!”

It looks like Buddy and Lucy are going to be Dalmatians for Halloween this year.
We miss you Jonnie!

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