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Dana's Doorways - September 21, 2015
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Do you lock your door to keep people out or to keep them in? Do you keep your doors unlocked in hopes that someone will rob you of all your worldly possessions so you don’t have to declutter? As Shakespeare wrote, “The Eyes are the window to your soul”. Translate that to real estate and you have a front door. What does your door say about you and your family?

Besides serving the obvious purpose of keeping your home dry, cool and secure, doors, especially the front door, are the first impression. A door says a lot by the way it is decorated. Color, hardware, door knocker, kick plate and side lights all work together to reflect a feel for the home and the people inside.

I’m in the business of listing houses to sell. Sometimes a new door color can facilitate a sale. Recently, we listed a house that had been on the market for over a year and was eventually leased. As soon as the tenants moved out we did some sprucing up. An American flag hung proudly by the front door of this cape cod, which sparked my idea to change the door color from black to a classic red. We pressure washed the front walk and put a fresh coat of paint on the iron hand railing. Just days after all the painting was complete we had an offer on the house. I’m sure it’s because of the red door!

Ideas to consider:

Change door color from drab to dynamic
If changing out the door, choose one that reflects the style of your home as well as the style of your home’s interior
Add lighting to accentuate the door
Update hardware
Flank the door with live plants, making sure the scale of planters
and plants fits properly within your space
Pressure wash walk ways porches, eliminating spider webs and other unwanted creatures
Consider using transferable numbering on glass transoms to add unique look
Install flag holder for American flag

Where is this front door?

Doorway in Huntsville AL

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