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Dana's Doorways - November 18, 2015
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Parenting is the toughest job known to man/woman and in my opinion the performance review comes when your child goes off to college or moves out on their own. Did you do an adequate job of teaching them independence? Fiscal responsibility? Good hygiene and cleanliness like washing bed linens on a regular basis? Making good choices? Making healthy solid friendships? Allison (daughter #1), flew away to The College of William & Mary in the fall of 2007, never following the typical migratory patterns of red-headed hatchlings. Most fly towards the nest during breaks, but not this one! Summers led her to North Georgia and winters usually took her to faraway places. Parent Review for Allison, Daughter #1: check mark on independence; question mark on fiscal responsibility; cleanliness–we will leave that one alone; check on good choices with a footnote (the ability to recognize when a bad choice was made) and check mark on friendships.

Scott and I realized early on that Allison had many special gifts and with the proper guidance she had the potential to do great things. Our first born demanded constant interaction, bombarded us with questions throughout her formative years, read countless books, had strong convictions and a deep love of learning. We knew she would seek higher education then a graduate degree of some kind. So with that knowledge, Scott and I made one of the best parenting decisions of our lives: we would pay for our children’s undergraduate education then they would fund their own graduate degrees through scholarships and loans. It was understood by all parties that on May 31, 2011, Allison would be “on her own” financially. (Hey You with the English degree!!!!! Get a plan!) And that she did—the plan was to take a Gap Year in France working as an au pair while deciding on her future.

Law school had loomed in the back of Allison’s mind for some time. She did extensive research on law schools, evaluating value of education, location of school and cost of living, graduation rate and so on. I was shocked and amazed at how our little hatchling matured during the process. Fast forward to May 15, 2015. . . Allison Claire Averbuch graduated from Georgia State School of Law (summa cum laude) and had a job

Milestones: First day of work October 19th, Bar Results on October 23rd, First pay check October 30th, First time she took her parents to dinner November 13th! Best night ever!

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